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Mindfulness means paying full attention to something. It means slowing down to really notice what you're doing. Being mindful is the opposite of rushing or multitasking. When you're mindful, you're taking your time. You're focusing in a relaxed, easy way.


Mindfulness Meditation for Kids | BREATHING EXERCISE | Guided Meditation for Children

Try this mindful meditation.

Rainbow Relaxation: Mindfulness for Children

Enjoy this breathing activity! Made to put a smile on your face and relax you.Aimed at children aged 5-11.

What is MINDFULNESS and how do you do it? (Zen Den) | Cosmic Kids

Mindfulness is brilliant because it helps us in so many ways. But what is it? Jaime explains what it is and how to do it.

Some other ideas to help you be mindful....


Here are a few mindful exercises you could try. Take your time to notice how you are feeling in the moment:


  • Mindful colouring and drawing. This involves focusing on the sounds and feelings of the pencils against the paper, and thinking deeply about the colours you choose, rather than trying to draw something in particular. You could use a mindfulness colouring book or download mindfulness colouring images.

  • Mindful eating. When you are eating mindfully, you take your time to pay attention to the taste, the smells, the look and the textures of the food you eat. 

  • Mindful movement. This involves thinking about the sensations you can feel as you walk, run or move. Can you feel the air moving against your skin?  What do you notice about your feet or any part of your body that is touching the ground? What can you smell?  What do you hear around you?  Move your attention to different parts of your body. 


REMEMBER:  Every body is different and different things work for different people, so if you don’t find one exercise useful, why not have a go at another. If you find something that works, why not tell your friends about it!